Zodiac Clock
A wooden zodiac clock made as the final project for my digital imaging class.
6 months
Jan - June '18
Trotec Laser Cutter,
InDesign, Photoshop
Magazine advertisement


The physical piece has two spinning circles:
1. Inner circle of the Western Zodiac

2. Outer circle of the Chinese Zodiac

The idea for this zodiac clock was to combine the Eastern Zodiac with the Western Zodiac for viewers to find their own combined zodiac but also tell time in a fun way.
Pictured above are the Adobe Illustrator references that I designed for the laser cutter/engraver to use. The left picture was engraved onto the smaller wooden circle with the colors as a reference. The actual file did not have colors, as the engraved areas needed to be black while the cut areas were red. The left picture was engraved onto the outer wooden circle, except that I took out the outer border design on the final file, so that I could paint the border myself.
The left picture shows the wood center circle with blue tape after being laser engraved which was then attached to the larger wood circle in the right photo. I had put blue tape so that I could fill the laser engraved areas with paint, and then pull off the tape for a clean finish. Right picture shows the process of assembling the clock pieces together. The final ticking clock can be viewed below.