Digital Artwork


Created with Adobe Photoshop in 2D Design class, this was a graphic design exercise in splitting up familiar shapes and filling them with random colors.


Created with Adobe Photoshop, printed onto pictorico paper. When creating this piece, I used the "digital touch" of the mouse hand to design, never touching the actual pictorico, while studio art involves physically touching the paper. This seems to take ownership out of your own work, since the computer and printer are actually touching the paper instead of oneself like in traditional art.


Created with Adobe InDesign, this piece represents the omnipresence of artificial intelligence and the fear that robots may later fight for their own rights during a robot revolution or "robolution." The imagery was inspired by the iconic "raised fist" used in many historical propaganda campaigns such as the Industrial Workers of the World and Students for a Democratic Society.


Inspired by the feeling of connectedness amidst dancing. Created with Adobe Photoshop, this image was printed out as part of my class's print exchange as well.